Tuesday, July 27


Okay, I know I said I was gonna make the blog a more regular thing. But then I went on holiday. BAM. Minimum internet. I'm sorry. Not that you overly care. But yeah sorry.

ON A GOOD NOTE. I have many many picture of holiday times. Mainly of food. God it was good. And I promise that I will hand-pick the most delightful for my next post. Expect it in the next few hours. I need a nap; it's 10:02 pm in malaysia, i was there for 2 weeks. Im very tired. Naptime needed.

Fear not though Im not just gonna leave you with a contentless, boring, self apolgetic post. No, no. Here are some hot cakes design by my... cousin in law?? (is that what it's called.. idk) She's my cousins wife. And she make delish cakes. DEE-LISH. She is hoping to make a business out of selling cakes etc as atm she and her husband are jobless. DAMNED RECESSION. So yeah enjoy the pictures and if you show interest now I'll give you a discount of her cakes when shes the most sight after cake-r in the land. PROMISE. XD (also thank you if you've read this far)

She has made many more cakes ofc but I cannay find the pictures on facebook. and fb is my extent of photo finding. soz.

Okay it's now 10:36 pm malaysia time. I can't multitask packing for ynot and blog. Agian i apologise.
peace xxx

Friday, July 9

How Lovely,

So, I hope you're all ready because I have a few blogs up my sleeve. Thats right, IVE BEEN PREPARING. How exciting XD... So here you go:

I been a busy, busy la-day.
We had prom it was, how do you say... not as rub. as expected, bit tedious though.

Aren't they beaut-ees?

It's Bec, my date. Looking joyous.

And some more lovelys looking lovely, including my blog-idols:
and Becca.
ahh my blog bows to those. bows, and kisses their feets. okay, now it's creepy. :D


Then 4 friends and I went back to mine for A FOOKIN-CRAZAY-DRUNKENMESS-WOOHOO- AFTERPARTAAY. Lulz.

We watched Footloose, ate Ginjelly, and developed a new drink, named aptly 'The Footloose'. God, we're so creative it hurts sometimes. Hurts.
Indulge yo'self in these pictures of the MENTAL event.

Observe our cray cray feast of jelly, magic stars, and pringles. I warned you how crazy we were.

We took Hannah's hair out, and she looked so VERY FOOKIN AUDREY HEPBURN. HAWT. HAWT.

This is me dancing to 'Let's here it for the Boy' shown in the following video, I don't remember this part of the film at all. Only remember hearing the song and dancing, badly. but ma-gawd it was fun. I love that song. OBSERVE FURTHER:


Hope you enjoyed that, I'm hoping to become a more regular blogger. I don't want to disappoint anyone. WIPES TEAR FROM EYE.