Friday, June 18

Esse Quam Videri

Today I made these BEAUTS:

I know her voice is SEMI-annoying but the cookies are beyond amazing.

SO SO SO good. SO good. but using Tia Maria instead of rum OBVS.
And A LOT more of it.

Other things lined up for the near future:
(In chronological order. Aren't you lucky)

1) Turning off my computer, brushing my teeth and going to bed.
2) Waking up, finding suitable transport devises/boxes/multiple multiple layers of clingfilm for my tiramisu whoopie pies.
3) Travelling for certain length of time to my cousin and his wife's house warming XD YAYAY. verr verr excited.
4) Being at Chris and Jamie's playing on t' SEGA whilst eating cake and other YUM YUMS. = NOSTALGIAAR.
5) Leaving partay and going to Sheff-town ( <3>
6) Arriving home and probably posting another blog.

Oh and things lined up for futher away near future (IE sunday):
Its a bit long and the dressing bit at begin is whatevvvs BUT THE FINISHED ARTICLE IS *INSERT YOUR FAVE FAVE POSITIVE ADJECTIVE* if you cant be arsed just watch from like 7mins in.
prepare yourself

I mean once he adds the avacado * SQUEAL times 700*

Thursday, June 17

Polyvore is time-consuming and therefore FIT. AS WELL AS Bad Grammar and sentence structure.

So in the circa 7 minutes since my last post I realised something.

Yeah, you intrigued Adam?? HUH? (as you are the only person who's ever been/will be on my blog.)

I realised THAT.......
I like polyvore, and it will be an aesthetically pleasing excuse to beef up my blog.


Waiting for Sunrise.

Waiting for Sunrise.(my fave but don't tell the others)


Feel free to rob us; there's nothing to steal.

SO, I revamped my blog. I like how it's all multicoloured and annoying to manoeuvre around.(IM SORRY BUT I DON'T GET FORMATTING)
After many days of jealousy I have decided that I
want a sexy sexy blog like my friends. Consequently I have been trying to think of something to make mine interesting and unique.

Nothing Yet.

So here are some pictures to make you feel like reading this blog was worth while: