Saturday, December 11

4) something beautiful today.... hmm the fact i made £30 pounds in tips today at work. YAAAAAY. so good. so. so. good. and something else (because i doubt anyone else than me would aprricaite that fact) is this :

aand this:

cool beans. in other news my friends are feuding and it's horrid, to quote mean girls: ''I just wish we could all get along like we did in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we’d all eat it and be happy.''
Next post; that cake.

Tuesday, December 7

I love this photo, i think it's the lighting- looks all apocalyptic like.
Had ANOTHER day off school today, my bus didn't turn up, so after waiting 30 mins for it I started to walk home (a fair way mind) that took me a further 20 minutes. Never been so cold in my life before. nor have i ever had brain freeze without even drinking anything cold before. I proceeded to then sit on my kitchen floor (underfloor heating) and then light a fire, in the fireplace. AND then i got no work done, so im even further behind. Exams soon. shit. fuck. and 2 essays due tomorrow.
my existance of the past two/three weeks seems to be nothing but feeling shit about how little motivation i have to do work, going on the internet, feeling shit about how long i spend on the internet and hence not doing any work and hence feeling shitter about lack of motivation to do work, and then around 1amish realising im going to die and finally succumbing to my essay. Erch i hate myself. toodle-pip x

Monday, December 6

okay, 4 days gap, but come on.

2) adam's polyvore. NUMMMMMMMMBINGLY GOOD.


krave. anyway it's 25 past 1 (am) on a monday, im writing notes for biology. AND IM ENJOYING TOO MUCH.

Thursday, December 2

beautiful things.

New vow, I'm gonna do a post a day (or try my hardest) and on each one I'll include something that i deem beautiful.


In other news we've had too much snow, we've had 4 days off in a row because of it. Im stuck in the outskirts of the tiniest village. Im so unbelievably bored. x