Friday, April 9

The Fiercest Person I know....

Hi, My Name's Grace, AND I'M FIERCE!

Monday, April 5

52 minutes and counting...

SO according to BBC weather (the source of all knowledge) the sun is meant to rise in my postcode at 6:29 am. I would like to say that I've been up since blah blah blah, but truth is I haven't gone to sleep at all tonight. And I haven't even tried, I know that if I turn my light off, lie down and close my eyes... nothing will happen. I will lie frustrated and a little bit scared, not because of the dark or monsters but scared of my own body and it's reason for not letting me sleep.
So since about 10:15 tonight I have sat, on my bed duvet smothering my stupid body, on my laptop. Doing pointless things. Fuck me, the first bird just sang. That sound fills my heart like (insert appropriate simile). Maybe I will attempt slumber now, as for some messed reason my body finds it easier to sleep knowing it is day and birds are calling for food/sex.
Don;t worry, I'll probably be back in 4 mins to rant more about my circadian rhythm.